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Whether you are looking to upgrade your entertainment equipment and speakers or just looking to consolidate your multiple remotes for your TV, Satellite Box, DVD player, etc.  MH Integrated Services, Inc.  can customize a solution to fit your needs. 

MH Integrated Services, Inc. provides the following services for new construction and existing homes:

*  Flat Panel Display wiring  
*  Installation and programming of Universal Remote Controls
*  Wiring and Installation of Surround Sound Systems
*  Installations of Plasma and LCD Displays

As a Pioneer certified dealer we are now able to offer a our clients a full line of Pioneer products.

Deeper Blacks:         
The new Pioneer displays offer a deeper black than any other model on the  market today creating unmatched contrast 
Previously only seen in LCD     displays the new models are capable of true HD Resolution.
Built In Intellegence: 
Pioneer has eleminated the need to toggle through menus to optimiz the display picture with its new built in intellegence.  This display, with surperior intelligence to other displays, monitors viewing content and room light automaticly adjusting the  
                                                                                              picture and sound to give the viewer remarkable 
                                                                                              picture and sound